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Your Success

Creative, Smart and Diligent 360° Communication

ELSREY is a creative agency providing a wide range of graphic communication services, digital, paper, and audiovisual.

We are diligent, quality focused and ensure a strict confidentiality.

Human brain processes images 60,000 times faster than text.
We are visual by nature
  • From Logo

    Business card
    Letterhead paper
    Presentation booklet
    Templated Windows® Office Pack

  • to Website

    Handmade or WordPress Website
    Social Media (picture, gif and video)
    Animated Advertisement
    Animated Wishes

  • Your image

    Event dressing
    Corporate movie
    Sound design

The Quality of your presentation makes 98% of your success.
Let's go for it!
  • Listening

    Your Project becomes ours

  • Creating

    We proactively give birth to it together

  • Delivering

    That's the point we live for. The "Wow! that's so great and far beyond my expectations!..."

You will be positively surprised by our ability to listening,
our responsiveness and the high quality of our services

One of our Agency Key Strengths

is the variety of service it can bring you, through our in-house expertise

  • Superslide

    Have your slides reviewed/created before a key meeting (fundraising, etc.)

    Superslide is the best "PitStop". You regain confident with impacting slides. Confidentiality, diligence, affordability and quality.


  • Webegency

    Dynamic WordPress website creation, including member space and online payment platform

    Flowing and responsive, the possibilities offered by Wordpress are really exceptional.

    Contact us...

  • OnAirUp

    Be sure to get an OnAirUp Team with you!

    The best way to produce portrait photo, interviews, videoclips, or cover your events with multi-camera.

    You get On Air...

  • FrenchTalent

    A passionate team at your disposal to create the most beautiful of handmade websites, yours...

    Browse our last projects, FrenchTalent will design your site with the pages you like best in no time. Your site seen by everyone everywhere.


  • Prez24

    Your expert team in presentation and plenary sessions

    Conference room dressing, sound system, lighting, multi-camera and photo coverage (OnAirUp), sounds, control room.

    Meet us...

  • DealObject

    Conclude your deals, your events, or simply give pleasure with a personalized gift for your team, your partners and your customers

    DealObject designs all kinds of goodies, high-quality plexiglass 3D trophies, laser engraving and 3D printing.


  • Elsmusics

    Elsmusics creates tailored made inspiring music (documentary, film music, event) and can come and play "live" for a unique sound atmosphere

    The inspiring music that lets you feel, work and relax...


  • So Loved Music

    So Loved Music is our musical production label.

    You have been so loved...


  • SemiaVida

    SemiaVida is our publishing house

    It makes paper edition, cards and board games. It thus shares encouraging and sacred words. This is the international version of our first brand SemencedeVie created in 2011.

    Visit SemiaVida!


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